Primary and secondary students throughout the Diocese of Lismore are invited to participate in events for a wide variety of sports at the diocesan level. These major events also serve as a selection process for Lismore Diocesan teams. Students may progress from the school level to the Diocesan level and beyond, ultimately to a national level in selected sports.

The main aims of the Diocese of Lismore Sports Website are:

  • To keep staff, students and parents of our Lismore Diocesan Schools informed on aspects regarding the sport within our Diocese.
  • To acknowledge and celebrate the efforts and achievements of students and staff from our Diocesan schools in their sporting endeavours.
  • To promote the educational, physical and other benefits of sports for students of all levels and abilities, including those with disabilities.
  • To promote the ideals of sport, including those of good sportsmanship, respect for all others involved and playing for enjoyment.

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