Summer Sports Trials News & Updates

Summer Sports Trials include: Basketball, Cricket, Softball & Tennis

Lismore Diocesan Summer Sports Trials 2020

Lismore Diocesan Summer Sports Trials in tennis (24th November) and basketball, cricket and touch football  (27th November) were held in Lismore. Students selected at Lismore Diocesan trials in tennis and basketball will attend Polding selection trials in tennis (Newcastle) and basketball ( Tamworth) on Friday 5th February 2021. Polding selection trials in touch football will be held in Port Macquarie on Friday 28th May 2021 and with cricket Polding selection trials will be held in Lismore on Friday 20th August.
The following students were selected in Tennis.
GIRLS: Sienna Anderson (Hastings), Mahala Hitchings (Clarence), Neive Blaire (Hastings).
BOYS: Yali Amut (Richmond), Noah Pociask (Hastings), Xavier Kay (Richmond).
The following students were selected in Basketball.
GIRLS: Chloe Griffin (Clarence), Ciara Murphy (Clarence), Keeley Sutton (Hastings), Keeley Newton (Hastings), Pania Ackinclose (Tweed), Aribelle Dawes (Clarence), Cameron Collins (Tweed) and  Peyton Berry (Hastings). 
BOYS: Cameron King (Clarence), Jasper Franklin (Clarence), Korede Olutayo (Clarence), Hudson Bell (Hastings), Laiken Richardson (Hastings), Oliver Mat(Hastings), Ysaac Nieva ( Hastings) and Zakkiah Galea (Hastings).
The following students were selected in Cricket.  
GIRLS: Sophie Preston (Hastings), Sophie Buckley (Tweed) and Jasmine Costa (Hastings). 
BOYS: Bailey Rogan (Hastings), Flynn Mainey (Hastings), Cooper Williams (Richmond), Joseph Price (Richmond), Miller Scully (Richmond), Riley Woods (Clarence), Zane Guthrie (Clarence).
The following students were selected in Touch Football.
GIRLS: Lakyah Bell (Hastings), Teleah Holbert (Hastings), Darcie Gleeson (Hastings), Lily Mosely (Hastings), Poppy Flanders (Hastings), Tanesa Browning (Tweed), Amalia Anderson (Richmond), Lillian Bruncke (Richmond), Zali Raudonikis( Richmond) and Claire Morris (Hastings).
BOYS: Patrick Green (Hastings),Jessie Cooper (Richmond), Jack Lacey ( Hastings), Rafferty Gordan (Hastings), Connor Laverty (Hastings), Zak Hardy( Richmond), Oliver Bryant (Hastings),Kai Kublis ( Richmond), Eddie Gleeson (Hastings), Lachlan Walters (Hastings), Joey Thompson (Hastings) and Bailey Rowlatt (Hastings).
Congratulations to all students who attended Lismore Diocesan Summer Sports Trials this year. All the best to students in Lismore diocesan teams attending Polding tennis (Newcastle and basketball (Tamworth) trials on 5th February 2021, touch football (Port Macquarie 28th May) and cricket (Lismore 20th August).


Polding Tennis trials were held in Lismore on Friday 21st February. All Lismore students performed well against quality opposition from Armidale, Bathurst, Broken Bay, Maitland/Newcastle & Wilcannia/Forbes Dioceses.
All Lismore students played extremely well with 5 out of the six students making the Polding tennis team with one as a reserve.
Congratulations to:
  1.  Paige Hudson – St Josephs, Laurieton.
  2. Thea Blok – St Carthages, Lismore.
  3. Mahala Hitchings – St Josephs, Maclean.
  1. Noah Pociask – St Peters, Pt Macquarie.
  2. Cooper Monaghan – St Mary’s, Casino.
  3. RESERVE – Cooper Gunther – St Augustines, Coffs Harbour.


Polding Basketball selection trials were held in Lismore on Friday 7th February. Thank you and congratulations to Lismore conveners Jeff Arkinstall (boys) & Andrew Frawley (girls) and managers Samantha Daly (girls) & Michelle Reilly (boys) on a job well done.
All Lismore students trialed very well in Lismore and showed excellent skills and talent. Lismore Diocese had 2 students selected in the Polding teams to contest NSWPSSA State carnivals later in 2020. 
Congratulations and all the best at NSWPSSA State carnivals later in 2020 to: 
  •  Kira Juffermans  (MHOC, Sawtell) – girls
  •  Oluwakorede Olutayo (St Augustine’s, Coffs Harbour) – boys


Lismore Diocesan Summer Sports Trials in tennis (26th November) and basketball (3rd December) were held Lismore. Students selected at Lismore Diocesan trials in tennis and basketball will attend Polding selection trials in Lismore on Friday 7th February 2020. Lismore Diocesan Trials in touch football, cricket and softball will be held in 2020 in Lismore at a date to be announced.
The following students were selected in Tennis.
GIRLS: Sienna Anderson (Hastings), Paige Hudson (Hastings) and Thea Blok  Richmond).
BOYS: Noah Pociask (Hastings), Cooper Monaghan (Richmond) and Cooper Grunther (Clarence).
The following students were selected in Basketball.
GIRLS: Millie Day (St James, Yamba), Kira Juffermans (MHOC, Sawtell), Ebony Nash-Arosa (OLHOC, South Lismore), Sophie Marchment (St Joseph’s, Wauchope) and Taylor Anderson (Mt St Patrick, Murwillumbah).
BOYS: Zane Anderson (St Carthage’s, Lismore), Oluwakorede Olutayo, Jasper Franklin , Cameron King, Jake Bissett (all from St Augustine’s, Coffs Harbour), Zakkiah Galeah (St Agnes’, Port Macquarie), Ben Ennis (St Patrick’s, Macksville), Tahj McCabe (St Finbarr’s, Byron Bay). 

Congratulations to all students who attended both tennis and basketball trials this year. All the best to students in Lismore teams attending Polding tennis and basketball trials on 7th February 2020 in Lismore. 


Polding softball selection trials were held at Golden Jubilee Field at Wahroonga in Sydney on a bitterly cold Friday 21st June. Lismore Diocese had 7 students attend these trials.
Well done to attendees:
BOYS: Lachlan O’Sullivan (Lismore), Nate Boxsell (Lismore), Kieran Weekes (Lismore), Wesley Wilford (Lismore), Adam Jennings (Port Macquarie).
GIRLS: Olivia Dixon (Sawtell), Kiari Deane (Sawtell).

All Lismore Diocese students trialed well and showed much promise and skills. They were a credit to their Diocese, school and family with their attitude and fairness of play. Congratulations to all Lismore Diocese students who attended the softball trials in Sydney.

The following Lismore students gained selection in the Polding team to attend NSWPSSA State softball carnivals later this year (Boys – Softball at Tamworth 10-12 September & Girls- Softball at Curl Curl 24-26 September).
Congratulations and all the best at the State Carnivals to: 
BOYS: Lachlan O’Sullivan (Lismore), Nate Boxsell (Lismore), Kieran Weekes (Lismore) & Wesley Wilford (Lismore).
GIRLS: Olivia Dixon (Sawtell), Kiari Deane (Sawtell).

Polding Summer Sports Trials, Lismore, 8th February 2019

Polding Summer Sports Trials were held in Lismore on Friday 8th February. Students from Armidale Diocese, Bathurst, Wilcannia -Forbes, Maitland/Newcastle, Broken Bay and host Diocese, Lismore attended these selection trials.

Following these trials Lismore had 8 students selected in Polding teams to attend NSWPSSA State Championships during 2019.

Congratulations and all the best to the following students:

CRICKET: (GIRLS) Ciara Peters ( St Joseph’s, Kempsey), Darcy Heffernan (St Carthage’s, Lismore), Elora Ardrey (St Joseph’s, Maclean).
CRICKET: (BOYS) Kai Dalli (St Francis Xavier, Ballina) & Quinn Cooper (St Patrick’s, Macksville).
TENNIS: (GIRLS) Madison Jones (St Augustine’s, Coffs Harbour) & Paige Hudson (St Joseph’s, Laurieton).
BASKETBALL: (BOYS) Blake Collins (St Peter’s, Port Macquarie).

Primary Summer Sports Trials, Lismore, 30th November 2018

Lismore Diocesan Summer Sports Selection Trials were held in Lismore on Tuesday 27th November (tennis) and Friday 30th November (cricket, basketball, softball and touch football).

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to attend Polding Selection trials in 2019.


GIRLS: Paige Hudson (Laurieton), Madison Jones (Coffs Harbour), Jasmine Chellow (Grafton), Zoe Mosti (Sawtell) BOYS: Ben Wilson (Sawtell), Cooper Monaghan (Casino), Bodhi Smith (Ballina), Lachlan Tuckwell (Mullumbimby). CRICKET: GIRLS: Darcy Heffernan (Lismore), Ciara Peters (Kempsey), Elora Ardrey (McLean).

BOYS: Patrick Rose (Coffs Harbour), Kai Dalli (Ballina), Jed Mulcahy (Kyogle), Lachlan Barnes (Alstonville), Ben George (Casino), Taylor Gilbert (Dorrigo), Quinn Cooper (Macksville).


BOYS: Arjay Robinson (Coffs Harbour), Nathan Williams (Coffs Harbour), Harper Smith (Yamba), Billy Drooger (Lismore), Lachlan Mallett (Lismore), Blake Collins (Port Macquarie), Blake Romer (Port Macquarie), Kaden Lawler (Port Macquarie).

GIRLS: Kira Juffermans (Sawtell), Madeline Clark (Sawtell), Taylor Amos (Sawtell), Taylor Conroy (Sawtell), Amber McKeon (Sawtell), Cara Mcllroy (Port Macquarie), Charli Paine (Wauchope).


BOYS: Lachlan O’Sullivan (Lismore), Nate Boxsell (Lismore), Kieran Weekes (Lismore), Wesley Wilford (Lismore), Luke Arnold (Port Macquarie), Adam Jennings (Port Macquarie).

GIRLS: Olivia Dixon (Sawtell), Kiari Deane (Sawtell).


GIRLS: Ruby Flanders (Macksville), Emily Stuart (Macksville), Ariel Thompson (Macksville), Savannah Nowak (Port Macquarie), Charlise Jones (Macksville), Josie Boys (Port Macquarie), Molly Tymmons (Ballina), Alannah McNally (Skennars Head), Ava McCabe (Murwillumbah), Jenna Bryan (Port Macquarie).

BOYS: Riley Laverty (Macksville), Cohen Welsh (Macksville), Jaxon White (Macksville), Toby Batten (Macksville), Beau Harper (Macksville), Billy Gleeson (Port Macquarie), Zac Yule (Port Macquarie), Cooper Lorger (Port Macquarie), Lucas Scott (Port Macquarie), Joe Carrick (Port Macquarie).

NSWCPS Basketball – 26th-28th October Sydney

St Peter’s Port Macquarie State Catholic School Champions 2018

Polding Softball Trials at Newcastle 2018

Polding Softball Selection Trials – 22 June 2018 – Newcastle.

Congratulations to all the Lismore students who attended the Polding softball trials on Friday 22nd June at Mayfield, in Newcastle. They braved wet, foggy, cold conditions during these trials.

The following students gained selection in Polding softball teams to attend the NSWPSSA State championships later this year.

Well done to:
BOYS: Lachlan O’Sullivan, Hamish Weekes and Westley Wilford.
GIRLS: Alexandra Nealand.

All the best at the State Carnivals.

Polding Softball

Summer Sports Trials at Newcastle 2018

The Polding Summer Sports (tennis, cricket and basketball) Selection Trials were held on Friday 9th February at Newcastle.

Congratulations to the following 9 students who were chosen in Polding teams to attend PSSA State Carnivals during 2018.

  1. Basketball (boys) Sam Blain, Xavier Proud, Toby Harper, Blake Collins.
  2. Cricket (girls) Chelsea Hackenberg, Stephanie Rose, Laura Parsons.
  3. Cricket (boys) Vaughan Munro.
  4. Tennis (girls) Alexis Pelikan.

Well done to all Lismore Diocesan students who attended these trials as they all performed well and displayed pleasing skills and talent in their sport. A number made possible and probables selection with 3 named as shadow players.

Lismore Diocesan Summer Sports Trials at Coffs Harbour 2017

Lismore Diocesan Summer Sports Trials were held at Coffs Harbour (basketball, cricket, softball, touch football) and Sawtell (tennis) on Friday 24th Novemeber.

Congratulations to all students from throughout the Lismore Diocese who attended these trials.

Special congratulations to those students selected in the Lismore Diocesan team/ squad to attend the Polding trials in 2018.

  1. Basketball, Cricket, Tennis at Newcastle on Friday 9th February.(backup date for tennis only Friday 16th February).
  2. Touch Football at Parkes on Friday 1st June (b/u date 8th June).
  3. Softball at Newcastle on Friday 22nd June ( b/u date Wednesday 4th July).

Thank you to conveners, selectors, development officers, coaches, team managers( touch football), officials, volunteeers, Coffs Council for helping to make the trials this year run smoothly.Their efforts ensured a very professionally and thoroughly run trial.

A full list of selected Lismore students for Polding 2018 trials is published below.

  1. TOUCH FOOTBALL (girls) – Olivia Boys (St Peter’s, Pt Macquarie), Emily Prince, Tallara Duck, Ava Glassie (St Agnes’, Pt Macquarie), Ruby Flaunders, Ariel Thompson, Allie Hancock, Charlize Jones(St Patrick’s, Macksville), Sophie Maiden ( St Francis Xavier, Ballina), Kiara Denny (Holy Family, Skennars Head), Ruby Barnes, Charlotte Gilliland (St Carthage’s, Lismore).
  2. TOUCH FOOTBALL (boys) – Tania Marino, Ethan Tombs, Zeb Hogan (St Peter’s, Port Macquarie), Reilly Laverty, Toby Batten, Brodie Howle, Alfie Walsh (St Patrick’s, Macksville), Joe Carrick (St Agnes’, Port Macquarie), Roy Stevenson, Finlay Barker (St Joseph’s, Port Macquarie), Ta’ ziayah Milner, Noah Buch (St Francis Xavier, Ballina).
  3. SOFTBALL (girls) – Alexandra Nealand (St Augustines, Coffs Harbour), Tara Winsor (St Joseph’s, Port Macquarie).
  4. SOFTBALL (boys) – Liam Bouboulas, Austin Plummer, Loki Marchant (St Augustine’s, Coffs Harbour), Angus Smyth (St Joseph’s, Alstonville), Lachlan O’Sullivan, Wesley Wilford (St Carthage’s, Lismore), Toby Verdon (St Agnes’, Port Macquarie), Hamish Weekes (O.L.H.O.C., South Lismore), Blake Bullen (St Joseph’s, Kempsey).
  5. TENNIS (girls) – Alexis Pelikan (Mt St Patrick’s, Murwillumbah), Neve Schweizer (St Carthage’s, Lismore), Erica Richards (St Mary’s, Casino), Saffron Picker (St Francis Xavier, Woolgoolga).
  6. TENNIS (boys) – Lachlan Tuckwell (St John’s, Mullumbimby), Reilly Nixon (St Patrick’s, Macksville), Ben Wilson (Mary Help of Christians, Sawtell), Bodhi Smith (St Francis Xavier, Ballina).
  7. CRICKET (girls) – Elora Ardrey (St Joseph’s, MacLean), Chelsea Hackenburg (St Joseph’s, Kempsey), Laura Parsons (St Carthage’s, Lismore), Stephanie Rose (St Augustine’s, Coffs Harbour).
  8. CRICKET(boys) – Vaughan Munro, Tom Ryan (St Agnes’, Port Macquarie),Patrick Rose, Beau Guthrie (St Augustine’s, Coffs Harbour), Bede Francis (Holy Family, Skennars Head), Jacob Robinson (St Joseph’s, Alstonville), Kai Dalli (St Francis Xavier, Ballina).
  9. BASKETBALL (girls) – Peri Carrett, Clare Kelly, Bella O’Brien (St Augustine’s, Coffs Harbour), Isla Anderson (Mary Help of Christians, Sawtell), Trelise Kirkby, Luca Prior (St Agnes’, Port Macquarie),Mackenzi Dietrich (St Joseph’s, Port Macquarie), Jacqueline Andonov (St Carthage’s, Lismore).
  10. BASKETBALL (boys) – Sam Blain, Joseph Post, Xavier Proud, Blake Collins, Toby Harper (St Peter’s, Pt Macquarie), Jayce Cameron (St Joseph’s, Pt Macquarie), Myles Ware (St Carthage’s, Lismore) Lennox Fowler (St Francis Xavier, Woolgoolga).

Polding Softball Trials at Newcastle 2017

Polding Softball trials were held in Newcastle on Friday 23rd June. Well done to all Lismore Diocese students who attended these trials. Jennifer Eggins (Lismore Manager) reported that all students from Lismore trialled well and showed great sportsmanship and manners.

Congratulations to the following five Lismore Diocesan students who were selected in the Polding teams to attend P.S.S.A. State Carnivals later this year.

PSSA Softball Carnivals 2017 (Boys at Camden -10/12 October & girls 19/21 September).

GIRLS – Elizabeth Warne
BOYS – Lachlan Coe, Ethan Hawkins, Hamish Weekes, Brock Windsor.

Polding Softball trial

Polding Summer Sports Trials 2017 

Polding Summer Sports (cricket, basketball and tennis) trials were weld in Newcastle on Friday 10th February 2017. Congratulations to the 11 students from Lismore Diocese selected in Polding teams.

Cricket (girls)
Ava King (Kempsey), Chelsea Hackenberg (Kempsey), Mia Viel (Skennars Head), Samantha Brenton (Kempsey) and Stephanie Rose (Coffs Harbour)

Cricket (boys)
Ra-Koia Smith (Murwillumbah)

Tennis (boys)
Caspian Tuckwell (Mullumbimby)

Basketball (girls)
Isla Juffermans (Sawtell), Olivia Peel (Coffs Harbour)

Basketball (boys)
Jake Crawford (Port Macquarie), Xavier Proud (Port Macquarie)