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Australian Football (AFL) – 3 April 2019 Newcastle

The following 8 boys from Lismore Diocese were selected in the Polding team for 2019 following Polding AFL selection trials:

  1. Bede Francis – Holy Family (Skennars Head).
  2. Connor Ryan – St Augustine’s (Coffs Harbour).
  3. Ethan Johnston – Mt St Patrick’s (Murwillumbah).
  4. Mitchell White – St Agnes’ (Port Macquarie).
  5. Rielly Laverty – St Patrick’s ( Macksville).
  6. Toby Batten – St Patrick’s Macksville).
  7. Tom Howell – St Ambrose (Pottsville).
  8. Ty Lockwood – St Anthony’s ( Kingscliff).

Australian Football (AFL) trials 22nd February 2019 at Grafton

Lismore Diocesan Australian Football (AFL) selection trials were held at Fisher Park on Friday the 22nd February. A very skilled and talented group of students turned up to the AFL trials.

Congratulations and all the best to the following 16 students who were selected in the Lismore squad to attend Polding AFL trials in Newcastle on Wednesday 3rd April.

  • Angus Ronchi (St Francis Xavier, Ballina).
  • Darcy Brotherton (St James, Banora Point ).
  • Austin Lynch (St James, Banora Point).
  • Archie Clarke (St Anthony’s, Kingscliffe).
  • Angus Lindsay (St Anthony’s, Kingscliffe)
  • Ty Lockwood (St Anthony’s, Kingscliffe).
  • Django Sheaffe (St Carthage’s, Lismore).
  • Toby Batten (St Patrick’s, Macksville).
  • Rielly Laverty (St Patrick’s, Macksville).
  • Ethan Johnston (Mt St Patrick, Murwillumbah).
  • Jack Ryan (St Agnes’, Pt Macquarie).
  • Mitchell White (St Agnes’, Pt Macquarie).
  • Connor Ryan (St Agnes’, Pt Macquarie).
  • Tom Howell (St Ambrose, Pottsville).
  • Lachlan Di Rosso (Holy Family, Skennars Head).
  • Bede Francis (Holy Family, Skennars Head).

Lismore AFL (Australian Football) Diocesan Selections 2018

The following 12 boys were selected to attend the Polding AFL trials at Newcastle on Friday 4th April following Lismore Diocesan Selection Trials at Grafton on Friday 23rd February.

  1. Harrison Bugg – Mt St Patrick’s, Murwillumbah.
  2. Etthan Johnston – St John’s, Mullumbimby.
  3. Therodore Parsons – Mt St Patrick’s, Murwillumbah.
  4. Tom Ryan – St Agnes, Port Macquarie.
  5. Cooper Hynes – St Joseph’s, Tweed Heads.
  6. Jaxon Booth – Mt St Patrick’s, Murwillumbah.
  7. Austin Lynch – St James, Banora Point.
  8. Jacob Howell – St Ambrose, Pottsville.
  9. Hudson Kerr – St James, Banora Point.
  10. Connor Ryan – St Augustines, Coffs Harbour.
  11. Beau Guthrie-  St Augustines, Coffs Harbour.
  12. Riley Munro – St Joseph’s, Tweed Heads.

Well done to all 30 students (boys & girls) from Lismore Diocese who attended the Diocesan trials at Grafton. A pleasing group of talented students showcased their talents and skills at the Lismore AFL trials this year.

Polding AFL Trials 2017 at Newcastle.

Polding AFL trials were held at Newcastle on Thursday 30th March .The following four boys from the Lismore Diocese were selected in the Polding team to contest the P.S.S.A. Carnival this year at Parkes (23-25 May).

Congratulations and all the best to Joseph Bull (St Francis Xavier Primary, Ballina), Riley Dagger (St Augustine’s Primary, Coffs Harbour), Charlie Elliott (St Anthony’s Primary, Kingscliff) and to Jack Foggo (St Joseph’s Primary, Murwillumbah).

Thank you to all Lismore Diocese boys who attended the Polding trial and well done to Lismore manager, Jason Winning.

Polding AFL Team Lismore Diocese Reps 2017

The following 18 boys were selected to attend the Polding Trials on 30 March 2017 in Newcastle following the Diocesan Trials held on 24 February 2017 in Grafton.

  • Beau Guthrie
  • Cooper Shields
  • Charlie Elliott
  • Joseph Bull
  • Riley Dagger
  • Jaxon Booth
  • Jack Maglaulin
  • Ryan Davis
  • Braith Wilson
  • Raffael Morrison
  • Archie Budd
  • Tom Winning
  • Riley Munro
  • Reid Stephens
  • Riley Angel
  • Noah Stevens
  • Jacob Howell
  • Jack Foggo