2017 Polding Winter Sports Trials 
The following 21 students from the Lismore Diocese were selected in Polding Teams following trials at Lithgow(hockey) and Bathurst (netball, football-soccer and rugby league- 11's /opens) on Friday 28 April.
Congratulations to: 

Hockey ( girls/boys)- Eve Walker, Kendall Wells, Zara Ferguson, Maya Mc Grath, Billy Bradford, Jasper Mantel, Maddox Hannigan & Noah Burchell.

Football (soccer) girls/boys-  Charie Norton, Jessica Watts,Hunter Croft, Conor McCarthy & Justin Handisides.
Rugby League (11's/ opens) - Ethan Tombs, Jack Tierney, Kaleb Smith,Rowan Mcllroy,Blake Steep, Brodie Moore, Kye Cooper & Ra- Koia Smith. 
Well done to all 85 students who attended the Polding Winter Trials this year. They were great embassadors for the Lismore Diocese.
 Photo: Girls Football
2017 Polding Winter Sports Selection Trials ( Lithgow /Bathurst ) 
All the best to the following Lismore Diocese students who will attend Polding Winter Sports trials at Lithgow (hockey) and Bathurst (rugby league, netball, football (soccer) on Friday 28th April. A training run will be held on Thursday 27th April at 3pm at the various venues in Lithgow and Bathurst.
Hockey- boys  ( Lithgow).  Manager - Karen Faber ( St Mary's Casino)
Billy Bradford, Maddox Hannigan, Jasper Mantel, Noah Smith, Samuel Carey, Jack Furness, Noah Burchell, Jacob Robinson, Noah Enright, Patrick Brophy, Caylan Monckton, Danny Toole.
Hockey-girls (Lithgow).    Manager - Emma Thompson (St Joseph's South Grafton) 
Bailey Kirby, Emersyn Smith, Kiana McCabe, Hayley Marshall, Shailyn Gooley, Maya McGrath, Madeline Cronin, Lauren McFadden, Sophia Hemsley, Zara Ferguson, Kendall Wells, Evie Walker, Teleah Gee. 
Netball - (Bathurst).    Manager -Nicole Wagland ( St Joseph's Alstonville)
Eva Pietraszkiewcz,Kirrily Leach, Eloise Davis, Mia Blackett, Cassidy Pieren, Eloise Easterbrook, Hanna Waters, Fleur Sherlock.

Rugby League - open's  (Bathurst).   Manager - Kimberley Latimore ( St Joseph's Wauchope)
Sam Atkins, Matthew Banks, Ben Geary, Henry Underwood, Nathan Pryke, Bo Persley, Rakoia Smith, Brodie Moore, Finnian Walsh, Noah Hague, Patrick Lawlor, Danny Beaverstock, Blake Steep, Kyle Mc Dermott, Kye Cooper.
Rugby League - 11's  ( Bathurst).  Manager -  Paul Owens ( St Joseph's, Kempsey)
 Robert Lee, Alfie Walsh, Liam Cuffe, Brennan Cuffe, Noah Watts, Logan Lacey, Jack Tierney, Ethan Tombs, Riley McPherson, Nixon McGoldrick, Will Cannavo, Rowan McIllroy, , Jesse Wicks, Robert Smith, Kaleb Smith. 
Football (soccer)- girls (Bathurst). Manager- Tom O'Dwyer ( St Finbarr's Byron Bay).
Tenay Bonney, Ruby Lennon, Jessica Watts, Zoe Crilley, Charlie Norton, Mia Viel, Asha Pearson, Olivia Ambrose, Summar Lia, Millie Grace, Scarlett Monk, Lily Hallawell.
Football (soccer)- boys (Bathurst). Manager - Evan Murtagh.
Sam Platt, Tate Baldwin, Hunter Croft, Tommy Anderson, Luke Hancock, Mason Swain, Flynn Lawrence-Daly, Connor McCarthy, Justin Handisides, Huon Lickley, Mitchell McCracken, Sam Logan-Pye.
P.S.S.A. State Hockey Titles 2016
 Were held at Unanderra on 7th to 9th June. Polding were equal first with Hunter after both teams played out a 1 all draw in the final.
Polding went through the State titles undefeated.
Congratulations to Adam Rhook ( St Peter's, Pt Macquarie) and Bayden Smith (St Agnes', Pt Macquarie) were both were selected in the NSW team.
Polding this year had 8 boys from the Lismore Diocese in the team. 
Polding Hockey Trials 2016 at Lithgow 29th April
Congratulations to the following 13  Lismore Diocesan students who were selected in Polding hockey teams following recent Winter trials at Lithgow.Thank you to Lismore Managers ( Karen Faber & Phillip Kelly ) who did a great job with teams this year. Amazing numbers from the Lismore Diocese selected in the Polding teams this year.
BOYS : Billy Bradford ,Bede Curnow,Abe Dougherty, Maddox Hannigan, Adam Rhook, Bailey Ouslinis, Bayden Smith, Luka Venables.
GIRLS: Alana Albertini, Bronte McLean, Fiona Laybutt, Jayde Shultz, Maya McGrath.

Polding Winter Trials at Bathurst 2016  29th April
Congratulations to the following 13 Lismore Diocesan students who were selected in Polding teams following trials at Bathurst. Again congratulaions and a job well done to Lismore Diocesan Managers who looked after the Limore teams this year.( Tom O'Dwyer & Dane Seymour(football),Michelle Forsyth(netball), Paul Owens& Daniel Evans ( rugby League) 
  • Netball: Brin Trisley .
  • Rugby League: (11 years): Blake Steep, Brodie Moore, Hudson Hammer, Jack Margetts , Kye Cooper.
  • Rugby League :(opens): Ty- Jesse Brabant, Will Taylor.
  • Football: (soccer) Girls :Lily Hallawell, Tahlia Power.
  • Football:( soccer) Boys : Conor McCarthy, Kai Thelwall, Taye Power-O'Toole,

Thank you to all Lismore Diocesan students who attended Polding Winter Trials in Lithgow and Bathurst.

2016 Polding Winter Trials ( Bathurst and Lithgow ) on Friday 29th April. 
All the best to the following students who will attend Polding trials at Lithgow and Bathurst this week on Friday 29th April. A training run will be held on Thursday the 28th April at 3pm ( see parent update information sent home on Tuesday 26th April with students ).Sports coordinators at Primary Schools in the Diocese distributed 

 Hockey ( boys) Lithgow  Manager : Karen Faber 
 Bayden Smith, Abe Dougherty, Billy Bradford, Maddox Hannigan, Luka Vandables, Adam Rhook, Nathan Smith, Noah Smith, Bede Curnow, Noah Enright, Bailey Ouslinis.
 Hockey ( girls) Lithgow  Manager : Phil Kelly
Jayde Shultz, Maya McGrath, Alana Albertini, Fiona Laybutt, Rose Hampson, Kendall Wells, Eliza Wallace, Amelia Kroehjert, DominIque Toohey, Bronte McLean, Clancy Miller, Eliza Ruhl.
Netball     Manager : Michelle Forsyth ( Bathurst)
Grace Williams,Jaime Malone, Poppy Lynes, Abbey Hampson, CharlotteDavies, Jacinta Mooney, Brin Tisley, Cassidy Pieren.
Football (soccer)  Manager- Tom O'Dwyer ( Bathurst)
Holly Sangster, Shelby Filipek, Jessica Watt, Tahlia Powers, Frances Duffy, Emily Knott, Lily Hallawell, Tahlia Lacey, Elka Keirle,Mia Veel, Charlotte Mc Lean, Madison Kerr. 
Football (soccer)  Manager - Dane Seymour (Bathurst) 
Dylan Flanagan, Hamish Patterson, Kai Thelwall, Samuel Sanders,Ash Scott, Conor Mc Carthy, Taye Power-O'Toole, Jacob Field, Josh Groves, Jude Taylor, Cayden Briscoe, Marcus Field.
Rugby League (opens) -Manager Paul Owens ( Bathurst )
Billy Sprague, Jayden Wilson, Wil Cronan, Ronan O'Loughlin, Blake Forder, Darcy Myer, Will Taylor, Chad Jones, Max Liles, Ty-Jesse Brabrant, Will Baton, Chase Calder, Thomas Cronk, Kye Campbell, Tristan Kelly.
Rugby League ( 11years ) - Manager Daniel Evans ( Bathurst )
Dean Jones, Matthew Banks,Aiden Hardy, Ben Geary, Henry Underwood, Finnian Walsh, Ra-Koia Smith, Brodie Moore, Hudson Harmer, Lachlan Mifsud, Jack Margetts, Danny Beverstock, Blake Steep, Kye Cooper, Noah Hague.
2015 NSW PSSA Girls' Hockey
Congratulations to Polding on taking out this year's NSW PSSA Championships held at Murwillumbah. 
The team, which remained undefeated all week with just one draw, included three girls from the Lismore Diocese: Nella Bradford (SJ Woodburn), Sophie George (SC Lismore) and Gabby Arundell (SFX Ballina). These girls and the team as a whole played particularly well but as you could imagine much of the credit for that goes to first-time Polding Manager Lisa Young (SJ South Grafton). 
The girls 3-0 victory in the local derby final over North Coast was a good indication of how well they played. They also did so in a true sportsmanship. Lisa put it this way: "They were just awesome!"
A highlight from a Lismore Diocesan perspective was that Nella (who was captain of the team) was one of two Polding girls selected in the NSW side for School Sport Australia Hockey in Perth in August. She thoroughly deserved her place in the state team.
2015 Polding Winter Sports Selections Lismore Diocese
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2015 Diocesan Winter Sports Team Selections
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School Sport Australia Girls Hockey Success
Congratulations to the NSW Girls' Hockey Team which took out last week's School Sport Australia Primary Age Championships in Hobart!

We are particularly interested in the success of this team because it included two outstanding players from St Joseph's Primary School South Grafton. I refer to Grace Young (who was co-captain) and Laura Harley.

I understand that both Grace and Laura played extremely well throughout the week and so contributed greatly to the team remaining undefeated throughout the tournament.

The photo below is of Polding and MacKillop girls who made the NSW team. Laura is 3rd from the left and Grace is 3rd from the right.