Summer Sports Trials (SST) News & Updates

2016 Diocesan Summer Sports Selections 

Basketball, Cricket, Softball, Tennis and Touch football

Congratulations to all children who made it to this level especially on the way they managed the heat and the trials themselves.

Special congratulations and best wishes to those who have been selected into a Diocesan team or squad for their respective Polding engagement:

  • Basketball, Cricket and Tennis - Polding Summer Sports Trials Newcastle - Friday, 10th February
  • Touch football - Polding Touch football Port Macquarie  - Friday, 2nd June
  • Softball - Polding Softball - Mayfield - Friday, 23rd June.

Thank you and well done all conveners, other selectors, diocesan managers, referees, zone team managers (touch football) and other officials, volunteers and canteen workers - your efforts ensured thorough and professional trials, and equal opportunity for participants to demonstrate their talent.


A full list of the successful children will be published soon.